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Sign Up for The 14th International Conference on Oriental Carpets: Washington, D.C, June 7-10

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The International Conference on Oriental Carpets will hold its 14th International Conference here in Washington on June 7 -10, centered at, and for the benefit of, The Textile Museum, with events on the campus of George Washington University.  The format will be familiar: a Carpet Fair, with 16 international dealers, from Thursday through Sunday, an exhibition of collectors’ rugs and textiles, at the Corcoran Museum, academic sessions on Friday and Saturday, and a show and tell, on Sunday, with various receptions throughout.

To register, go to the ICOC website and click where it says for further information, etc.  That will guide you into and through the registration on our conference planner’s website.

ICOC is seeking rugs and textiles for inclusion in the collectors’ exhibition at the Corcoran.  There is no particular theme, so high quality objects from any region will be considered, from small bags to textiles to large carpets.   There will be many pieces from Central Asia and Turkey and Northwest Persia.   Please submit an image and dimensions of what you would like to have included in this world class exhibition to Wendel Swan at for transmittal to the ICOC vetting committee.

ICOC is also seeking volunteers for several aspects of the conference, including help in installing the exhibition at the Corcoran, general help at the conference, help in advertising and promoting the conference and the Carpet Fair, especially through social media.  If you would like to volunteer for any of these tasks or would like to help with anything else, please contact Wendel Swan at or by phone at (703) 960-2021.

ICOC will soon receive copies of a fabulous new book from Hali Publications, entitled Stars of the Caucasus, which is about Caucasian embroideries, and an exhibition of some of them held last year in Baku, Azerbaijan. ICOC is offering the book to those who support The Textile Museum and ICOC at the very favorable rate of $49.  It will be considerably more expensive elsewhere.  If you are interested, please contact Wendel Swan.